This is of course an entirely voluntary option through a company called Dwolla which allows transfers free of charge

  1. To make a one-time donation, click here
  2. Sign up for a free Dwolla account by clicking here
  3. Set up your funding source
    1. Click on “Funding Source”
    2. Click on “Connect an Account”
  4. To send funds
    1. Hit “Send” at the top
    2. Send To: Indianapolis Church of Christ
    3. The Church ID is 812-326-1608
    4. Fill in the amount (if desired, you can set up recurring payments)
    5. Check the funding source
    6. You can either keep a balance in Dwolla as your source or have it come from your bank account
    7. Click on the line that says “Show more payment options”
    8. Finally, under details, put what the payment is for (regular, special, benevolence, or donation)