Men in White is a group that fights sexual impurity.  We use Gods word and relationships with other men to help us to overcome this sin and to fight to remain pure.  We rely on Jesus Christ (Matthew 19:26) to strengthen us and his grace to show us it is possible to have freedom and victory.

As men we deepen our relationship with GOD thru submissive obedience to his word cultivated in GOD’s power of grace and truth.

The group helps Men:

  1. To have a place to confess and openly repent of Sexual sin
  2. To guard your purity with instituting practical boundaries
  3. To commit to consistent Accountability in order to build deeper relationship with God and other Men

What men have said about Men in White:

“A community by where purity is examined and strengthen”

“Fighting for Purity with the power of Grace”

“This is a place you can get the help to overcome sexual sin with those that have struggled and others trying to repent”

“There is no better way to break free of sin in general than joining a group of men that are adamant on defeating the enemy, Praise God for Men in White!”

For more information, speak with a member of the ministry staff