A series of Biblical classes covering a range of topics including apologetics, topical studies such as faith, prayer or “What Happens After We Die?”, specific books in the Bible and practical lessons such as loss/grief, parenting, finances or physical/spiritual wellness. Each class has a video and may or may not have a PDF handout that can be downloaded. For those classes that did not have a video presentation, then the recorded audio is presented with a picture and title.

These classes address areas in defense of the Christian faith, which includes historical, archaeological or evidential information. The intent is to help answer many common questions about God, Jesus, Christianity, Bible and the early church.

Session Video
New Testament Canon Session Video
Old Testament Canon Session Video
Bible Translations Session Video
Other Religious Books Session Video
Hebrews Class Part 1 of 2 (for women) Session Video
Hebrews Class Part 2 of 2 (for women) Session Video
These classes discuss methods for processing grief and how to help others who are grieving with Biblical principles, real life experiences and practicals that work. Other classes are an in-depth study on what the Bible teaches about the afterlife.

Session Video
Handling Loss and Grief (Part 1 of 2) Session Video
Handling Loss and Grief (Part 2 of 2) Session Video
What Happens After You Die (Part 1) Session Video
What Happens After You Die (Part 2) Session Video
These classes offer practical applications and Biblical principles on parenting different age groups.


These classes help navigate the area of adoption from the initial decision process, discipline and parenting issues unique to adoptive children and other topics pertinent to this area of God's heart.

Session Video
Adoption – Discipline Looks Different Session Video
Should We Adopt? Session Video
This series of four classes looks at Biblical Unity within a Christian fellowship or congregation. Unity is an absolute expectation that Jesus prays about and modeled, yet it can be elusive to achieve because of worldly and cultural influences. Each part of this series describes a different application for unity.

Session Video
Unity in the Church – Overview Session Video
Unity in the Family Session Video
Unity Among Members Session Video
Unity Among Races Session Video
These classes address Biblical principles and life applications that can move God to work powerfully in our lives, and the defense of the Christian faith.

Session Video
Faith vs Belief Session Video
How Sin Hinders Faith Session Video
Murderer's Row Session Video
How God Increases Our Faith Session Video
Christian Ambassador Session Video
Columbo Tactic (Part 1) Session Video
Columbo Tactic (Part 2) Session Video
Practical Application Session Video
When a life event triggers Elijah's emotions, what was his journey and how did God restore him? This three part series looks at The Trigger, The Journey and The Healing. Remember James 5:17 "Elijah was a man just like us."

Session Video
The Trigger (Part 1 of 3) Session Video
The Journey (Part 2 of 3) Session Video
The Healing (Part 3 of 3) Session Video

Session Video
Spiritual Formation in Marriage Session Video
Growing Through Difficult Times Session Video