The Alpha Omega campus ministry is a group of IU students who love God and want to change the world! Through love, service and commitment for each other we are looking to bring seekers to a deep relationship with God! Join us!

Upcoming Schedule:
2nd week:
02/09--Prayer Night at 8pm
02/10-02/12--Bible talks
02/13--Valentine’s Day Encouragement Night
02/15--Church at 10:30 am-Frangipani
02/15--Bible study training at Sawyer’s 3pm

3rd week:
02/16--Prayer Night at 8pm
02/17-02/19--Bible talks
02/22--Church at 10:30 am-Union, Room TBA

4th week:
02/23--Prayer Night at 8pm
02/24-02/26--Bible talks
02/27--Devo at 7pm
03/01--Church at 10:30 am-State Room East

1st week:
03/02--Prayer Night at 8pm
03/03-02/05--Bible talks
03/06--Devo at 7pm
03/08--Church at 10:30 am-State Room East
Contact Ross Sawyer at 913-710-8517 with any questions!